The Origin and Development of Sustainability

Born of social and environmental concerns, notably through opposition to environmental injustice, sustainable development is the idea of reaching the best possible compromise between economic growth and social evolution, while respecting the natural environment. This compromise only proves to be possible by taking into account a fundamental temporal element: that development must be undertaken to… Continue reading The Origin and Development of Sustainability

Climate Change Could Revive Marxism

Marxism could get a second wind from the climate change issue. This ideology separates the world between exploiters and exploited, rich and poor, where industrial countries exploit the under developed countries. Although this ideology lost of its importance since the fall of communism, climate change could bring it back. Indeed, it shows that the poorer… Continue reading Climate Change Could Revive Marxism

What is ISO 14001?

ISO is an international management certification that companies voluntarily try to get. It isn’t a government certification. Its origin is independent and purely market oriented. It’s actually taking a step further then government and put pressure on organization to adopt regulations. The concept is simple: you write what you do and do what you write.… Continue reading What is ISO 14001?

What Does “the Cost of Doing Nothing” Mean?

We saw that external costs exist and are related to pollution. In order to fight pollution, we need to invest capital to improve our equipment and repair the damages already incurred. Paying for these damages is unavoidable. Ignoring the problem only leads to an increase in natural catastrophes, drought, species extinction, disease, starvation, and an… Continue reading What Does “the Cost of Doing Nothing” Mean?

What Is Sustainable Development?

Sustainable development is economical exploitation specifically structured to satisfy our present needs without reducing the wealth or health of future generations. Since it avoids any kind of irreversible damage, it inevitably assumes that economical growth functions in harmony with the environment and surrounding ecosystems. Under this principle, the amount of available wealth would be the… Continue reading What Is Sustainable Development?

How is the carbon market working?

The carbon market is a concept based on the polluter pays principle. The objective is to reduce gas emissions through the use of market law. It assembles voluntary organizations that exchange the rights to issue carbon dioxide.