Climate Change Could Revive Marxism

Marxism could get a second wind from the climate change issue. This ideology separates the world between exploiters and exploited, rich and poor, where industrial countries exploit the under developed countries. Although this ideology lost of its importance since the fall of communism, climate change could bring it back. Indeed, it shows that the poorer countries are the one suffering the most from capitalism.

The industrialized countries are historically responsible for climate change, but they resist fighting it alone for economical reasons. The poorer countries, which are the one that contributed the least in the emission of greenhouse gases, are the one who suffers the most of its consequences. Climate change has a more powerful effect on tropical countries with natural disaster, flooding, dryness, diseases, malnutrition and contaminated water. Death is happening first in the Third world and it will increase dangerously.

In order to change this situation and push the industrialized contries to move, climate change could revive Marxism in the 21st century.

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