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First Wind Turbines on Water

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Wednesday, 09 September 2009

Wind turbines are considered as a clean and renewable energy. It is generated by wind, a source of energy that will never deplete, and has little impact on the environment. It is, up to now, exploit essentially on land were the wind is strong.

However, a vast and innovative project called Hywind took place in Norway using this type of energy, with one particularity: the engines float on water. Indeed, a series of floating wind turbines were installed on the water near the Scandinavian country. It can go down to a maximum of 700 meters and is strategically positioned to not bother the fishery activity, birds, and the view of the horizon. They were place on a lake 10 kilometres away from the shore.

This practice opens many doors as it made possible to install wind turbines on other places then land. The long tube is stabilised by water and rocks and can be positioned next to shores if the water is deep enough. Since the wind is much stronger on water, this practice optimises the exploitation of wind energy, and it is not creating much impact on the fauna, flora and human activity.

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