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Energy Revolution to Avoid Irreparable Damages

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Thursday, 12 November 2009

The International Energy Agency (IEA) is pressuring governments just before Copenhagen to take the opportunity of the present recession to massively invest in green technology. The energy consumption decreased for the first time since 1981 due to the economy slowing down, but will definitely jump when the industrial world will get out of the recession.

The IEA evaluates that the energy consumption, especially oriented on fossil energy (gas, oil, coal...), will increase by 40% before 2030. The consequences of such an increase will be disastrous and irreparable on the planet, with a temperature that is evaluate to be 6 degrees Celsius warmer by then. The IEA sound the alarm and demand to act immediately, however, they are confident that if we initiate an energy revolution now, we could slow down the changing temperature.

The first step of this energy revolution is to invest in the transportation sector (cars and planes) and make a spectacular change in that area. The cost of the budget is considered astronomic at first, calculated for a total of 10 500 billion: 4 700 billion in transportation, 2 500 billion in real estate construction, 1 700 billion in electric centrals and the rest of the 400 billion in biofuel. However, the benefits made with energy efficiency are evaluated to reach 8 600 billion by 2030.

Copenhagen is taking place between the 7th to the 18th of December 2009. This gathering aims to structure the next step after Kyoto. Presently, most of the attention is oriented on the United States to start the energy revolution, as they are the highest consumer of energy per habitant in the world.

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