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What is the Final Result of the Copenhagen Conference 2009?

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At the last minute, countries reunited at Copenhagen finally came to an agreement on the fight against climate change. The agreement was to limit the increase of the planet’s temperature to 2 degrees. The report is definitely not what environmentalists and countries in development were looking for. They see it as a complete failure.

The most criticise aspect from it is that there is no juridical compel to anyone. There are no concrete objectives regarding the level of greenhouse gases and no agenda on the table, just the idea that the planet shouldn’t surpass more then 2 degrees. Up to this day, nothing could assure the continuity of the Kyoto protocol, which is on its way to expiration by 2013.

To limit the increase of 2 degrees, industrialize countries need to lower their greenhouse gases by 40% before 2020 from the level of 1990. Right now, cumulated objective stays under 20%. Also, there is no organism with the legitimacy to inspect the countries' procedure and the validity of their method to reduce greenhouse gases emission. At this rhythm, scientific researches show that the planet temperature will increase by 6 degrees.

30 billion from the industrialized countries will be given to countries in development to adapt themselves on climate change. The poorest countries are the one living with the direct consequences of climate change right now, and see the Copenhagen contract as political word with nothing tangible. The 30 billion will clean the mess but not avoid it.

However, it is consider as a first step for the industrialized world and for the first time, we have an agreement between United Stated and China on the climate change issue. It will set the base for the next conference in Bonn in June 2010 and Mexico in November 2010. What people are looking for by then is an international and compelling agreement.

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