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"The question is whether we're going to start taking the steps now to avoid the really big jumps that are in store if we don't do something now." - David Suzuki

November 17th 2007; the IPCC synthesis report

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The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) gave out their report on climate change and warned the world one more time about the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gases. The report gathers 3000 pages and is the result of 6 years of intensive research. From what they observed, the Planet is getting warmer at an accelerated rate, and every corner of the world would suffer different consequences and catastrophes.

Guest UserD. Bob Clark   |2008-07-18 14:39:25
Years ago I was part of ten tech persons that were asked by the Aussies to get
rid of a bunch of "stinger"fish that were driving away tourists.That is
when some locals told me about the changes taking place on the Great
Barrier.After some tests and research we traced the decomposition of the coral
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