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August 7, 2008; Catholic Church Admits Underestimating Pollution

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The Pope Benedict XVI admitted that the Catholic Church underestimated environmental issues. His position was that humans should be responsible for Godís creation. He mainly criticizes our behavior, blaming materialism and cupidity to be responsible for pollution.

Also, since the flooding was the consequence of human behavior and God spares the rest of the animals; humans are responsible to preserve the Earthís biodiversity. Rome did indeed reorient their definition of the seven sins, which includes polluting as a one of the modern sin.

His criticism didnít apply on Christianity itself. He says that the catholic dogma never encourage the quest for richness. Although, there is a side of Christianity believing that nature exist uniquely to serve human purpose. According to this interpretation, Adam and Eve were created to dominate the Garden and they could serve themselves from it.

Humans are following the same path, and the planet replaces the Garden. It is an interpretation were we place humans on top of other species. The Pope made no reference to this movement and laid his criticism on human behavior only.

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