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August 28th 2008; Millions of Death for the Next 20 Years

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Principally because of its effect on malnutrition and diseases, climate change could provoke a humanitarian disaster in the next 20 years. Climate change has an effect on natural disaster, flooding, dryness and diseases, and we will experience the following problems.

A warmer climate is a better environment to spread diseases and tropical country will deal with worse problem related to malaria. We already notice malaria in places that didnít exist before. We will have longer period of dryness, which will push population to not wash their hands and drink contaminated water. Not washing hands will increase the risk to spread diseases and contaminated water will bring bigger problems with diarrhea and dehydration. Malnutrition is also a problem that is directly link to agriculture, and the tropical countries will produce less and less because of dryness.

Bottom line, the poor countries, which are the one that contributed the less to climate change, are the one who will suffer the most. Experts are talking about millions of deaths.

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