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November 9, 2008: Obama’s Election Brings Hope to Environmentalism

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During the election campaign, Obama put a lot of emphases on environmentalism. He discussed about goals to apply effective laws in order to fight greenhouse gases emission. He did blame the Bush administration to put too little effort on the environment and the Mccain & Palin team to not recognize the issue. Mccain & Palin did admit that the problem of Global Warming wasn’t related to human activity.

Obama’s solution is to execute a cap and trade policy. The cap and trade principle is a carbon market where we limit companies to emit a precise amount of greenhouse emission and trade the surplus or borrow the deficit. It is a smart way to control greenhouse gas emission and merge it into the market law. That way, Obama plans to reduce the greenhouse gases to 80% of what it was in 1990.

Canada showed enthusiasm to join a North American regulation using the mechanism of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Canada is presently run by a Conservative government who was quite resilient in recognizing Global Warming. Although, by having a heavy weight neighbor taking major green action, the chances of the Canadian government to follow green regulation is more likely.

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