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November 28, 2008: Bush’s Midnight Regulations

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The Bush administration is working hard during their last days in power to spread out final influences in terms of laws and regulations, as it is their last chance to leave an impression on American history. Doing this is quite common when presidencies come to and end, however, it has never been done as much. This phenomenon is known as midnight regulations.

One of the most important subjects the Republican Party is touching is that of environmentalism, where they are trying to weaken its laws and regulations.

Some examples are:

Protecting coal factories, and oil refineries, from environmental regulations. Allowing polluting factories to settle next to or near National Parks. Weakening existing laws on toxic products and allowing farmers to dump their waste in rivers. Tossing away protection rights on endangered species to allow the construction of roads and other types of construction.

These last minute, political decisions, are considered by Bush as a gift to the American population. However, by doing so, the Republican Party is undeniably stamped as being friendly to polluters.

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