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December 14, 2008; Conclusion on the Poznan Conference

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The Poznan conference on climate change finished giving small hope to ecologists to see industrial countries taking responsibility on the issue. Although industrial countries are historically responsible for climate change, no concrete initiatives from their side were taken in order to face the present problems and avoid major catastrophes in the future.

Countries in development are the first to seriously suffer from problems related to climate change. Increase of dryness, contaminated water, flooding, hurricanes, malaria and other diseases are some of the consequences. The future doesn’t look better, especially for tropical countries, and experts are talking about millions of death.

Canada, Japan, Australia and New-Zeeland are the four countries that slowed down the process the most. Mainly, their objectives on greenhouse gases reduction are not ambitious enough, but also, they have been putting obstacles on many new suggested policies. Canada is the one country with the worst reputation by receiving the Fossil of the Year Award.

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