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January 13, 2009: The Tropical Forest Survival

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The survival of tropical forest is presently the subject of multiple studies. The clear cutting activities increases and we lose the equivalent of fifty football field of tropical forest every minute, which generates 20% of greenhouse gases.

Losing trees worry experts but forests are able to regenerate quite rapidly when fields are abandoned by farmers. Plus, artificial reforestation helps to reconstruct their original habitat, but the biomass takes around 20 years to find his original constitution. Trees and other vegetations can be renewable, but not the species living in it.

Irreversible damages are inflicted to the biodiversity when species are extinct. Indeed, it is not possible to repair loss of species and reconstitute artificially millions of years of evolution. Specialists predict that half of the terrestrial species will disappear with in a few decades.

Even if some areas slowly gain in vegetation, the economical pressure continuously encourages agriculture, pasture and logging, which are activities that lead to deforestation. We obviously lose faster then we gain tropical forests and deforestation will be the cause of an important loss in biodiversity.

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