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February 15, 2009: Inaccurate Predictions on Climate Change

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The continuing use of charcoal as a source of energy in massive developing countries like India and China, and the destruction of tropical forest worsen the prediction we had on climate change. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) underestimated those two elements and consequently, irreversible damages are most likely to happen sooner then predicted.

India and China’s burning coal capacity increased with the past few months, as well as other countries in development. Their increased productivity brought more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and we have less vegetation to contain it, which had an exponential effect on climate change. The rhythm of emission is not slowing down.

Tropical forests are normally humid enough to protect itself against destructing fire and provides excellent carbon absorption zone. Although, the precipitation distribution changed and tropical forests got dryer, which increases their exposure to the risk of fire. Their increased lost will have destructive consequences on the planet.

In order to counter this scenario, drastic measure needs to be taken.

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