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March 19, 2009: Alarming Water Situation on Earth

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The United Nation brings out their most important report on the water situation in our planet, and their conclusion is alarming. The report demonstrates that the higher standard of leaving, overpopulation and climate change put a lot of pressure on drinkable water supplies. This resource is going to become much rarer, which is a major problem considering that a countless amount of species, including human, depends on its availability to survive.

A main problem pointed by the report is that the amount invested for water is not sufficient considering the constant change of our environment due to global warming. Our way of leaving needs to adapt with the climate change.

Water consumption increases with population growth, but also with the rising of wealth in certain countries. Water is needed to create different kinds of food, and the more it is sophisticated, the more we consume water; richer countries need more water to feed itself.

After breathable air, water is the most important resource for us. Limiting its ration really threaten peace on earth.

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