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April 22, 2009: Earth Day; Obama Talks about Energy Revolution and Cap and Trade

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Obama plans to massively invest in clean energy and make U.S. the leader in the world. His goal is to surpass what Europe and Asia already accomplished in that field. The fear of the present American government is actually to lose the opportunity to make the U.S. the leader in such a crucial matter, as they often did in what they believed in the 20th century.

Hesitation and a late decision to take the lead will have disastrous consequences on the planet, as the Americans are the population with the highest carbon dioxide emission per habitant on Earth.

Some of the government studies show that projects like the cap and trade could be an important step to integrate the U.S. in the development of clean energy, and could create millions of jobs, which is a conclusion not accepted by everyone in the government. The opposition is suspicious on such an investment, considering it is risky to involve the country in something as big in recession time.

The U.S. already entered in the hardest economical crises since the Great Depression. Even some of the democrats consider it is pointless to establish a mechanism that wouldn’t include India and China, as well as the other countries in development. The impact on the planet wouldn’t be important enough if it’s based on the effort of one single country.

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