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July 1st 2009; Best and Worst List of the WWF

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The WWF showed their best and worst list of the 8 industrialized countries in their fight against greenhouse gas emission. Germany is placed 1st followed by Great Britain and France. The United States shows a much better record since the arrival of Obama as President and occupied the sixth place. Canada hits rock bottom with their continuous production of oil sands.

Canada has increased their gas emission and maintains the highest emission per habitant, and their policies will not help to reduce them. The Conservative Party of Canada continues the same path that George W. Bush took.

The evaluation is based on multiple aspects: the countries’ improvements since 1990, the current emission of greenhouse gases, the policies in place to reduce greenhouse gases for the future and the international involvement. This evaluation comes yearly and is use to conclude Copenhagen for next December; the next agreement that will follow the Kyoto protocol after 2012.

Up to now, Great Britain, France, Germany and Russia are the only countries that will fulfill their objectives from the Kyoto protocol.

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