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August 2nd 2009; Copenhagen Essentials

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Whatís with all the talk about Copenhagen these days ?

Itís simple. Well the issue at hand isnít simple. Just the fact it's getting a lot of attention. Itís the next step after Kyoto. Essentially, in Copenhagen, the worldís biggest decision makers will try to get along together. That means they will stick to basic ideas. Fine details are out, agreeing on concepts is in.

Basically, there are four issues at hand.

1. How far are the industrialized countries willing to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases ?

2. How much are major developing countries like India and China willing to limit the growth of their emissions ?

3. Developing countries need help to reduce their emissions. How is that going to be payed for ?

4. How is that money going to be financed ?

The main idea is to agree on the general principles that surround climate change issues and get something signed. Climate change and its solutions require very complex negotiations. In order to get the ball rolling again, the aim is to go after large and relatively simple goals. The thinking is that the rest will come later.

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