The Lifetime of Material; Understanding Garbage and Recycle

The famous French scientist Lavoisier stipulates in the 18th century that “Rien ne se perd, rien ne se crée”, which is translated by “nothing is lost, nothing is created”. This means that no organic element is created out of nothing and none of it disappears either; natural things on this planet is recycling itself and always find a use, there is no such thing as waste. Already then, we knew there was no such thing as unuseful things in nature. Human civilization has another understanding of things as we tag them a life time from birth to waste. After being used, things have no more value. In our minds, this useless object “disappears” from our everyday life when we put it in the garbage.

Objects are made with natural elements from this planet. They are not absent from our world before they are created and they do not disappear after use; human civilization assemble natural and artificial elements throughout a business process and then are sold. Even though the object shows better value at birth, it is constituted with the same element during his time of use. When it lost his use and value, we pill them on other objects that lost their value. All that together is elements subtract from the earth and we try to put them out of sight, in closed areas but it doesn’t disappear.

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